Work/life balance

Having a healthy work-life balance is key to your mental and physical wellbeing. Although it will mean different things to different people, you should aim to feel happy and fulfilled both at home and at work. 

That may well be difficult to achieve if you have caring responsibilities or a particularly demanding job – as many people in health and social care do. 

A healthy work-life balance may well be easier to achieve when we have balance in various other aspects of our lives. 

You may want to explore the wheel of wellbeing which is a useful resource that describes six important aspects of life that help us develop and maintain balance and wellbeing.

  1. Being active
  2. Connection with others (Connection/loneliness)
  3. Keep learning (Personal development)
  4. Giving (Connection/loneliness - Volunteering)
  5. Take notice 
  6. Care for the planet