Wellbeing conversations at work

Wellbeing conversations are regular, supportive, coaching-style chats that focus, one-to-one, on a person’s health and wellbeing, identifying areas where support may be needed. While the main intention is for line managers to hold wellbeing conversations with people in their team, we should also encourage everyone to support each other by checking in regularly.

The whole wellbeing of an individual should be considered including physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, lifestyle and safety. 

The video below explains more. 


NHS England provides guidance on health and wellbeing conversations including how to approach them and key skills needed.

Skills for care has a guide to effective supervision, something that plays a key role in supporting your workforce to deliver high-quality care and support. 

For social care employees 

Employers looking to create a more positive place to work to retain their workforce can commission a seminar from Skills for Care.  

For NHS staff

NHS England has a wellbeing conversations training programme which includes support for line managers.

NHS England also provides information on becoming a health and wellbeing champions. They are individuals from all demographics and roles, who will promote, identify and signpost their colleagues to local and national health and wellbeing support offers. 

Local support 

For NHS primary care staff

Primary care staff should check their local training hub for current opportunities. Previous training has included stay and grow conversations and a peer mentoring programme.

For those living and working in Medway 

A Better Medway Champions provides delegates with knowledge and skills so they are able to take every opportunity to help the population make informed choices about healthy lifestyles and how to access support services. 

Medway Council provides an accredited mental health training programme for front line staff working in social care and other sectors such as housing, social enterprise and the third sector. Known as Connect 5, the training teaches delegates to manage conversations with people so they are better able to understand, manage and improve their own mental health.